Hoping to prove that gay marriages are no different from any other—in that every wedding must overcome a series of farcical misunderstandings and kooky, price-gouging wedding planners—a second sequel to Father Of The Bride is reportedly in the works, this time centered on the equal, equally expensive love between two men. Or, as Nikki Finke puts it, “Father Of The Bride Turns Gay,” as she reports that Steve Martin is set to return alongside Diane Keaton and writer-director Charles Shyer in a second sequel to the 1991 comedy, which was itself a remake of the Spencer Tracy film of the same name.

With Father Of The Bride Part II already covering the trials of parenthood not covered in Parenthood, the third film will move on to the “twist” of marrying off Kieran Culkin’s Matty Banks character to “a Navy SEAL’s son.” Martin’s character is reportedly “thunderstruck and speechless and has problems with the whole gay thing”—suggesting this movie could perhaps be a more faithful remake of the Spencer Tracy film by taking place in 1950. Also that, all this time, Martin’s character thought Martin Short’s wedding planner was just, you know… European.


Anyway, so far Finke is the only one reporting this, and Martin himself has yet to weigh in on whether he’s returning—though Finke’s “source” adds that the production should move quickly, as they’re hoping to get it made before this hot new fad of homosexuals pledging their love to each other is over and “gay stops trending.”

Perhaps not coincidentally, Finke’s very next post is simply a terse statement reading, “For the next 36 hours, I need to work with my attorneys.”

UPDATE: Steve Martin has now addressed the matter on Twitter. Sounds like someone at Disney should hurry up and get him a script; this whole “gay” thing isn’t getting any trendier.