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Father John Misty doesn’t regret turning down a Stranger Things audition

Photo: Dan Wolff/Getty Images

A guest spot on Stranger Things is among the more covetable roles out there right now, but the lure of the Upside Down just wasn’t strong enough for Father John Misty. The Pure Comedy artist a.k.a Josh Tillman tells Rolling Stone he was offered an audition for some unknown role in season two. Rather than jump at the chance to play Dungeons & Dragons and/or avenge Barb, though, Tillman turned down the offer because he doesn’t “want that level of exposure. I don’t want to be TV famous.”

Tillman, who’s still signed to SubPop, says he’s balked at all pressure from major labels, who consider dabbling in TV part of “going to the next level.” But that next level isn’t anywhere Tillman wants to be, apparently—and anyway, the part of Joyce’s boyfriend had already been filled.


[via Fact Magazine]

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