The North or South Pole or wherever this is is enough of a stretch, it seems (Fate Of The Furious)

Vin Diesel and his team of writers have gotten a surprising amount of mileage out of the Fast And The Furious’ central premise of “people doing things in really fast cars.” Sometimes, those things are part of a criminal enterprise; other times, they just make up what it means to be a family (at least, in Diesel’s mind). The franchise has gone abroad and aloft, and when its eighth installment, The Fate Of The Furious, goes into wide release on Friday, the group will find itself in Antarctica or something. Just don’t expect Dom Toretto to speed or otherwise become enraged in space, warns franchise scribe Chris Morgan.

The writer of four Fast films (and producer of two) tells CinemaBlend he’ll never ask the audience to suspend its disbelief for a quick jaunt to the cosmos: “We have our limits. Out of space is off limits. Which I’m sure fans will be glad to hear about.” When CinemaBlend suggests Morgan could find a way to blast the family into outer space, he quips “How about if we team up Dom with Riddick? How about that?” Hey, if that happens, they might as well throw in The Last Witch Hunter—that way, Diesel can just play opposite himself, thereby limiting the on-set drama.