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Fast And The Furious director Rob Cohen accused of sexual assault

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The Huffington Post ran a piece today detailing accusations of sexual assault against director Rob Cohen, best known for films like DragonHeart, xXx, and the first Fast And The Furious movie. Identified only as Jane for the story, the woman in question says Cohen parlayed a business meeting with her in 2015 to discuss a potential television project into a night of drinking, during which she began to feel “fuzzy,” then regained consciousness as Cohen was assaulting her. The article also brings back to light allegations made by Cohen’s daughter, Valykyrie Weather, who says her father molested her when she was a toddler.


Cohen’s lawyers fired back at the story later this afternoon, issuing a 13-page, denial-filled letter in which they labeled it “an effort to feed the ‘Me Too’ media frenzy.” Among other details, Huff Po’s story includes a statement that its reporters witnessed medical records indicating that Jane went to a hospital shortly after the incident, seeking care, treatment, and testing in relation to a sexual assault. It also includes extensive accounts from her, both of the night in question, as well as the ways she shared information about the incident with partners. She says she came forward after she learned about Weather’s allegations (first detailed earlier this year), hoping to lend support to her account.

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