Hoping to clear the air after so many critics ran from the TCAs gagging in a way that is timelessly hilarious, Greg Garcia, creator of CBS’ The Millers, has complained to TV Guide that all this talk about the fart jokes on his show has really started to cloud the public’s perception. It's an outcome that's inherently comedic, of course, yet also irritating, just like farts: “We’re not the farting show that some have made us out to be. I’d like to say it’s not starting to bother me, but it’s starting to annoy the hell out of me,” Garcia says of all the fart jokes that are definitely funny, don’t get him wrong, but also frustrating—just like when Margo Martindale farted in front of Will Arnett, then some other things happened that Garcia would like you to talk about instead.

“There’s a minute of farting—not even farting—fart jokes in the pilot,” Garcia added, continuing to let it rip. “It’s a minute of a 21-minute pilot… and then it becomes every headline. There’s a scene with a few jokes and a callback at the end. It’s not like, ‘Oh my God, my farting mother has moved in with me! What the hell am I going to do?’ The basic fact is: If it wasn’t getting laughs, it wouldn’t have stayed in.” (Garcia meant the joke, not the fart. Ha ha, a fart can’t stay in!)


Anyfart, Greg Fartcia’s argument—that no matter how clumsy or immature it may seem, “fart” humor is justified by the laughs it gets—was soon echoed by Margo Fartindale, who farted her own farty fart on the matter. “Overblown!” Martindale exclaimed in reference to this whole discussion, but also probably her ass, because funny, funny farts. “I think people have made a mountain out of a fart cloud,” she said. “I find farting hilarious. Do I want to be the one doing it? Not really, but do I find it funny? I really do.”

Indeed, Martindale finds farts so funny that, to those who have lamented that they went from watching her on Justified and The Americans to watching her fart, she replies, “If they only knew me in real life, that's all I can tell you.” Which is a fart joke. A silent, yet deadly one—just like the kind everyone should stop making about the show that no longer wants to be suffocated by farts (even though that would be hilarious).