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Illustration for article titled iFargo/i’s second season will feature Ronald Reagan

In addition to the recently announced glut of season two Fargo casting news, FX CEO John Langraf has revealed that Ronald Reagan will figure into the plot. According to Entertainment Weekly, Langraf qualified that Reagan would not merely show up in archival footage, but that “Reagan is a character” in a role yet to be cast.


The upcoming season is set to jump back in time to 1979, with a much younger Lou Solverson investigating mob activity in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Given the setting, its unclear how the 33rd Governor of California will figure into the storyline, but it’s possible his rumored connections to organized crime will play a part. So maybe we’ll get to see Brad Garrett’s crime boss slap the Gipper around a little and remind him who’s really in charge, or perhaps we’ll learn more about his early rap-battle days before he became frontman for the DC Crew.

Langraf also indicated that the show will capture a shifting social landscape, including the return of servicemen from Vietnam and the rising tide of feminism. Because if Working Girl and Robert Palmer videos taught us anything, it’s that the ’80s were the decade when women finally got on equal footing with men.

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