Back in October, Fox announced that it was developing two TV shows set in the same universe as its X-Men movies in a strategy presumably dubbed, “Let’s Do What Marvel Does.” One, Hellfire, is going to the vanilla Fox network. The other, Legion, will be written and produced by Fargo’s Noah Hawley and will air on FX. Now, according to The Hollywood Reporter, FX is going to throw in even more Fargo by hiring that show’s Rachel Keller to play the female lead in Legion.

We still don’t have very many specific details about the show, but the comic book version of Legion is the son of Charles Xavier, and he has a bunch of different superpowers controlled by one of his many alternate personalities. The initial announcement of the show didn’t mention Xavier or The X-Men, though, so it remains to be seen how closely the show will follow that setup. Also, there’s no word on who Keller will play, but THR says her character is “a scrappy and optimistic woman in her 20s,” which narrows it down to…most women from X-Men comics.