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Fargo’s Noah Hawley to direct a sci-fi movie we know nothing about


Noah Hawley, the creator of FX’s Fargo, has a whole bunch of new TV projects in the works, but apparently he’s still not too busy to sign on to direct a new movie as well. According to Deadline, Hawley will make his feature film directorial debut with a project called Man Alive for 20th Century Fox that is described as an “elevated sci-fi” movie. The script for Man Alive was written by a reportedly first-time screenwriter from New Jersey named Joe Greenberg, and that’s pretty much everything we know about it.

Thankfully, we can still make wild guesses as to what Man Alive could be about, and then we’ll look really smart if the guesses turn out to be right. For starters, it’s called Man Alive, so maybe it’s about a man who is alive? But it’s also a hard sci-fi story, so maybe it’s about a man who comes back to life with sci-fi technology. That sounds too much like yet another Frankenstein retelling, though, so let’s take it another direction. We say Man Alive will be about one man who is alive, because it takes place in the distant future after wars have wiped out the rest of the humans. One day, an alien ship flies by to survey what’s left of the planet and finds the man, so it sends a simple message to it’s alien masters: man alive. The end. (It’ll be very short.)


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