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Fargo alum Allison Tolman to receive canine advice in Downward Dog

The family pet got a new vocation on Disney Channel’s Dog With A Blog, as the series’ creators reimagined Fido as a kind of Gossip Girl-like scribe. That show concluded earlier this fall, but ABC quickly announced that it would fill that shaggy hole in our hearts with Downward Dog. This latest anthropomorphized canine will reportedly counsel a single woman instead of blogging his thoughts on his blended family, and we’ve just learned via The New York Post that Fargo alum Allison Tolman will be the recipient of his advice. Tolman will play a “neurotic woman who’s nursed through her many crises by her dog, Martin.” We’re not show how yoga will come into play, but Martin will discuss his patient’s ongoing “treatment” in talking heads. We sure hope the Emmy-nominated Tolman, who’s followed up her Fargo appearance with guest roles on The Mindy Project and the Mad Dogs remake starring Steve Zahn and Ben Chaplin, will find a way to steer this show out of the Son Of Sam territory its premise seems to be heading into.


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