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Far From Home's Night Monkey gets a goofy trailer of his very own

There are many delights to be found in Spider-Man: Far From Home: Jake Gyllenhaal’s melodramatic shouting, Jake Gyllenhaal’s charmingly narcissistic sociopathy, Jake Gyllenhaal’s hair... oh, and the other 80 percent of this movie that doesn’t revolve around Jake Gyllenhaal’s immaculate genetics. That includes Night Monkey, the ad hoc alter ego foisted upon Peter Parker during his high school trip to Italy—for some reason this, and not the whole superheroes with magic powers and imaginary pew-pew weapons, is the surest sign that Far From Home is a work of fiction.


But back to the Tom Clancy video game sniper known as Night Monkey, who now has a silly superhero movie trailer of his very own. It’s Peter’s best pal Ned Leeds (Jacob Batalon) who comes up with the Night Monkey name in a panicked moment atop a ferris wheel with his temporary girlfriend, Betty Brant (Angourie Rice). And fortunately, to the amusement of the paying audience, this unfortunate nickname sticks. Thus, we now have a Night Monkey trailer, which gives off some Dark Knight vibes with title cards proclaiming very serious superhero things like, “When darkness falls, a new hero rises... The night belongs to the monkey.” Sure, why not.

Consider this your reminder that Spider-Man: Far From Home is available to purchase and/or rent to your nerdy little heart’s content.