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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.

Fans of A Christmas Prince, breathe easy, for he, the young lord of the yuletide, has returned!

By virtue of being just a teensy bit stupider than other Lifetime holiday romances, Netflix’s A Christmas Prince rollicked into queues like a reindeer-led royal carriage, delighting (and delighting) audiences with its story of a young journalist’s tryst with the titular prince. Now, a year later, the story of Amber and Richard’s romance rolls on, though the demands of royal decorum are making her wedding planning a real pain in the train. Her dress is dowdy, her blogging is distracting, and her wedding planner—an excitable zaddy in the vein of Martin Short’s Father Of The Bride character—is a bit much. As Amber tries to maintain her self-styled quirk, we hope the filmmakers have done the same in the wake of the film’s virality—self-awareness, one could argue, would not suit this series well. It all seems earnest enough, however, and Amber assures us that “Christmas spirit has overtaken the palace,” so expect plenty of backlit kisses against softly drifting SnowCel.

A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding will saunter down Netflix’s sweeping stone staircase on November 30.

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