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Fans force poor Charlie Cox to confirm his Daredevil won't be in the next Spider-Man movie

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In what we can only assume was part of some concerted effort to steal a little skip from Charlie Cox’s step this week, the Daredevil star has been forced to deny rumors that he’s being courted to appear in the next MCU Spider-Man film. Talking to Comicbook.com, Cox noted that he hadn’t heard any of that semi-rampant internet speculation, but that “It’s certainly not with my Daredevil. I’m not involved in it. If that’s true, it’s not with me. It’s with another actor.” 

All of these rumors—and even that word feels strong, given that this is the most baseless of speculation imaginable—apparently stem from the fact that, well, Peter Parker’s probably going to be in some tough legal waters after the end of Far From Home, right? So clearly he needs the only lawyer who exists in the entirety of superhero New York. (As though She-Hulk herself wasn’t standing right there!)

For what it’s worth, Cox appears to be taking it all perfectly well, discussing his happiness with his run as superhero lawyer Matt Murdock, and noting that he’d always be happy to reprise the role. Still, though: It mostly just all feels sort of mean, in so far as Cox has made it clear in the past how much he enjoyed playing Matt on three seasons of the streaming series, and how bothered he was at having a perfectly well-liked show get killed almost entirely due to contractual in-fighting between Netflix and Disney. (Not that it might have survived even without that tension, given the harsh hand Marvel Studios has applied to its own in-house TV stuff after Jeph Loeb’s ouster from his spot at the head of Marvel Television last year.) Forcing the guy to say “Nope, nobody’s called me about that” just feels kind of cruel, like phoning someone up on prom night to remind them you’re definitely going with someone else.


Of course, none of this necessarily means Marvel won’t include Daredevil in the film, either. So far, the company has resisted the urge to re-cast any of the characters from its TV universe, despite the fact that most of the shows discarded their links to the wider MCU a long time ago. There’s nothing saying that can’t happen going forward into Phase Four, although there’s also, you know, absolutely nothing so far suggesting that it will, so maybe cool your jets a bit, online.

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