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Sure, Kanye West promised to deliver his new album, Jesus Is King, on September 27. And yeah, Kim Kardashian did post a photo of the album’s track list captioned with the date “9.27.19” between a pair of praying hand emojis to her 148 million Instagram followers. Okay fine, the front page—oh shit, the only page, actually—of West’s official website still contains nothing but the same hopeful photo, which could give the impression that the “Jesus Walks” artist might have intended, at one point, to deliver Jesus Is King on September 27. But none of this means that Jesus Is King will actually drop today, on September 27. Why on earth would you think that?

Contrary to expectations, the long-gestating album did not drop at midnight, to the dismay of many optimistic fans. Per Variety, sources close to the situation have already confirmed that West will not be releasing anything today, despite Kardashian continuing to promote the the album as of two days ago. This song-and-dance hits a lot of the same notes as the one leading up to indefinite delay of Yahndi, Kanye’s last perpetually delayed project. Life Of Pablo also experienced familiar turbulence before its eventual release, enduring a few delays and remastered content.


As of now, there is no official update from West or his camp as to the whereabouts of Jesus Is King. The day isn’t technically over, so maybe West will surprise everyone and gift his waiting fans the album at a time that aligns perfectly with a bible scripture about patience. Or he’ll just post a video of another Sunday Service over the weekend and call it a day. Honestly, who knows at this point?

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