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Fans bid more than $60,000 for bag of air from Kanye show

According to The Telegraph, many people are eager to pay an exorbitant price to see a bag of hot air, and also, someone put a Ziploc they took to one of its concerts on eBay. That Ziploc is sealed around “Air From Kanye Show,” containing an ostensibly genuine concentrate of oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and opinions about the media that was captured at an unspecified Kanye West tour date. It was placed on the site with an asking price of $5 and, after more than 90 bids, it rose to a high of $60,100.

Unfortunately, the furor surrounding the bag and the ensuing media attention seems to have caused moderators to delete the original listing, no doubt concerned that someone might buy something stupid on eBay. But not to worry: The same user has already relisted the same bag for the far more reasonable Buy It Now price of just $150.00—a real steal for what he evocatively describes as “Held bag open and sealed air in.”


Of course, for those who balk at throwing around upwards of $100 on a bag of air without even a ticket stub to verify its authenticity, other users have rushed to join in the burgeoning bag-of-Kanye-air market. One user, “teptep” has not only sealed his Kanye air inside an “exclusive gold bag” to prevent any Kanye leakage, he also provides actual proof that it’s air taken from the general vicinity of Kanye West, captured in his hometown of Chicago, by taking a photo of it next to a concert ticket. Currently, the high bid is $152.50. The concert ticket is not included. Hey, “teptep” didn’t get rich giving away a bunch of tickets with his air.

For those who don’t need such worthless ephemera—they just want a bag of Kanye air—there are several more affordable versions going for anywhere from $1 to significantly more than $1. And for the more conservative investor, you may be interested in this alternative: a Kanye West fart in a bag—a steal at just $5, and the closest you can get to replicating one of Kanye West’s mid-show monologues at home.


Still, very few of these bags offer any sort of verification that they are really filled with air from a Kanye concert. So there’s always the risk that they’re just an incredible waste of money. Caveat emptor.

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