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Fandango is running an Interstellar contest to send someone to space

Illustration for article titled Fandango is running an iInterstellar /icontest to send someone to space

In an exciting new trivialization of the epic grandeur of spaceflight, Fandango (along with VICE’s Motherboard blog and Paramount Pictures) will be giving away a trip to Earth’s thermosphere to one lucky Interstellar viewer. Starting today, up to 10 tickets purchased for Christopher Nolan’s space epic through Fandango will enter purchasers into a contest for a spot on an XCOR Aerospace, Inc., spaceflight currently scheduled for 2017 (approximate retail value: $100,000). Winners will also receive a check for $50,000 (approximate retail value: $50,000) to give them a little floating-around money while they’re orbiting above the rest of us poor, earth-trapped schmucks. The full contest rules can be found here, along with a free entry form for people who love space but hate space-based movies and/or Matthew McConaughey.


Winners will have to be deemed physically fit for space travel by XCOR physicians before taking the trip, which will reach an altitude of roughly 62 miles above the Earth. Those who are unable to participate in the XCOR trip will receive $75,000, as well as a lifelong, crushing sense of regret that they didn’t get to go to space (approximate retail value: sobbing).

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