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Illustration for article titled Fan pays $300,000 to eat lasagna at Bruce Springsteen’s house

If Bruce Springsteen were ever to launch in a “Win A Date With Bruce Springsteen” contest, we now know exactly how much money would be necessary to turn the Boss’s head (hint: enough to buy a condo in a pretty decent neighborhood of Chicago). Springsteen recently participated in a charity auction benefitting the Bob Woodruff Foundation, which assists military service members and their families.


There, one lucky—and wealthy—attendee bid $300,000 for an evening with Springsteen that will include a ride in the side car of the Boss’s motorcycle to his house. There, the anonymous winner will receive a guitar lesson and enjoy a lasagna dinner with Springsteen, which will be served without any of that fancy imported cheese or sulfate-free wine because that stuff’s for management. Yellow cheese and Budweiser only, thanks.

Incidentally, Springsteen fetched $5.7 million less at auction than Poison Ivy.

[via Entertainment Weekly]

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