(Image: Matt Vince)

Studio Ghibli is the legendary anime production house behind stuff like Howl’s Moving Castle, Spirited Away, and Princess Mononoke. The Legend Of Zelda is a popular video game series from Nintendo about an elf boy in a green hat who travels around the countryside and kills things with a sword. Last year, an artist named Matt Vince put together a series of posters for a hypothetical Legend Of Zelda film made by Studio Ghibli, and he managed to do a really good job capturing what a combination of the two things might look like:


Now, Matt Vince is back with an actual trailer for his hypothetical Studio Ghibli Zelda movie, and it’s so cool that we sincerely hope somebody at Nintendo is paying attention—but preferably not whoever is in charge of issuing copyright infringement takedown notices.

You can see more of Vince’s work at this link, but—of course—there is no actual Zelda animated film like this. You’ll just have to stick with the old 1989 Zelda cartoon for now.


[via Kotaku]