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Famous TV guy Noah Hawley is directing another movie

Photo: Christopher Polk (Getty Images)

Being a big name in the world of TV is great, but it also doesn’t carry quite the same cachet as being a big name in the film world. That’s presumably why Noah Hawley has decided to follow-up his success with FX’s Fargo and Legion by dipping his toe into directing movies, like that Doctor Doom project that will never actually get made and his movie Pale Blue Dot that’s about real-life cheating astronauts. Now, with Fargo’s return way off in the distance, Hawley has signed on to direct another movie.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the movie will be an adaptation of the Mathew Baker short story To Be Read Backwards, which is about a man who “begins his life at his death and learns about himself as he, and the world, unravel in reverse.” This ultimately teaches him about “humanity and mystery,” so that definitely sounds like the kind of weirdo thing that Hawley has been drawn to since Legion.


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