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Famous dead person Sean Bean has a scorcher of a take about who will survive Game Of Thrones

Screenshot: Game Of Thrones

After repeatedly biting it on both film and TV, Sean Bean is bringing his ability to memorably die onscreen to a new medium: Video games. Bean is your first target in the upcoming Hitman 2, and the actor is well-aware of how his reputation precedes him.

“How ironic, yeah?” he cracked to Mashable in a new interview. “I just figured, ‘Why not? I’ve died so many times before. What harm will another one do?’ Now they get the chance to kill me. and if that makes them happy, then that’s fine by me.”


Naturally, the conversation soon turned to Game Of Thrones, the show that gave us Bean’s most memorable demise. As Ned Stark, his beheading in the first season finale served not only to ignite the narrative, but also to teach viewers that, in this world, no one is safe. When asked who he thinks might make it to the series’ looming, reportedly bloody finale, Bean offered up a pretty confident answer.

“Who’s left?” he said, evoking every viewer’s internal monologue when booting up a new season. “Jon Snow is left, isn’t he? But Arya would have to be it. Yeah Arya will last — maybe she’ll be on the throne.”

Um, bro, did you even see those blood-splattered sneakers? Or that news about her being “alone” in her final scene? Of course we all want Arya to live, but the life she’s chosen for herself isn’t the kind that tends to end happily, especially in this world. As of now, we’d put our Gold Dragons on Sansa being the show’s lone surviving Stark. As for who will sit on the throne? Well, there’s a reason one particular character returned in such dramatic fashion last season...

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