The family of Sarah Jones, a 27-year-old camera assistant killed on the set of Midnight Rider, has reached a settlement with the film’s director and producers. The Gregg Allman biopic has been at the center of controversy and several lawsuits—including one from Allman himself that was later dropped—since Jones was killed and eight other crew members injured in an accident on the first day of shooting in Georgia on February 20. Star William Hurt exited the film after it was revealed that the crew was working without permits or proper safety precautions, and Jones’ name has become a rallying cry for production crew fighting for better working conditions.

Jones’ family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the production back in May, and yesterday a spokesperson for the family’s law firm released a statement that they had reached a settlement with director Randall Miller, producer Jody Savin, and executive producer Jay Sedrish, among other defendants. This is not the end of the filmmakers’ legal troubles, however, as they still face a personal injury lawsuit from an injured crew member and charges of involuntary manslaughter filed against them earlier this year. (Sedrish, Savin, and Miller pled not guilty to the criminal charges.)


The terms of the settlement are undisclosed.