(Photo credit: Dave J Hogan/Getty)

Clearly not realizing most parents would be uncomfortable leaving their children to be babysat by Ricky Gervais, ABC has decided to take that concept and put it into the format of a game show. Deadline reports the network has ordered Five To Survive, an hourlong quiz show, from the British comedian. And while the idea of Gervais standing around insulting children to their faces has undeniable appeal, it does seem out of step with the brash and scornful comedian’s usual demeanor. Or maybe ABC executives are among the few Americans that watch Derek.

The format of the series would center around one adult contestant who has to correctly answer 10 questions in order to win the top prize. However, any time there’s a wrong answer, the contestant “has a chance to be saved by a group of five kids who have been asked the same question. Asking the questions is none other than Gervais, who interacts with the kids as they assist the grown-up contestants with their answers for a chance to win the large cash prize.” This unholy mashup of Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader? and Kids Say The Darnedest Things will offer Gervais a chance to deliver his signature zingers, possibly mining rich comedic fields like the children’s height, weight, or physical appeal, as he does at the Golden Globes. Or maybe the comic will tone down his usual shtick and somehow charm America into watching a show with bland, toothless humor from an otherwise ribald host—colloquially known as the Bob Saget Gambit.