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Familiar flames to return for Parks And Recreation’s final season

Illustration for article titled Familiar flames to return for iParks And Recreation/i’s final season

Parks And Recreation could have ended with that much-discussed flash forward that ended season six—and to some fans, it probably should have. But a final season does offer an opportunity to see familiar characters in that new setting, and in true final season fashion, that includes some old love interests who will be coming out of the woodwork. The most obvious of these is Megan Mullally’s Tammy 2, Ron Swanson’s irresistible succubus of an ex-wife/Nick Offerman’s real-life awesome wife, will reportedly appear in the second episode. It should be a true test of Ron’s commitment to his new wife and family (but who wouldn’t want to see Ron Swanson with cornrows again?).


On a sweeter note, Natalie Morales will be reprising her role in multiple episodes as Lucy, the one that got away from Aziz Ansari’s Tom Haverford way back in the second season. Tom should definitely be over his ex-wife Wendy by 2017, right?

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