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Sure, virtual tours of museums and art exhibits are probably more intellectually stimulating, but nothing really compares to the noisy, joyous chaos of a piano bar packed with drunken revelers and varying degrees of vocal talent. Unfortunately, these kinds of public group activities are hard to coordinate when everyone is isolated in their homes and apartments. That is, until now.


As recently reported by Time Out, Marie’s Crisis, the famed New York drinking establishment where musical-theater fans have been coming for years to belt out showtunes with live piano accompaniment, is keeping the party going on their newly public Facebook Group. Every day of the week, one of the bar’s talented pianists will play from 4 to 7 p.m. Eastern, followed by another pianist picking up the late shift from 7 to 9:30 p.m. Requests are welcome and encouraged, but if you’re going to demand “Suddenly, Seymour,” you better be singing your heart out at home. [Editor’s note: They also don’t much cotton to requests from Chess, so Chess fans might want to proceed with caution.]

“It has really rallied our little community together,” pianist Kenney Green tells Time Out. Marie’s has always been a comfortable refuge for locals and, more recently, a popular destination for tourists. Thanks to their new virtual setup, more people than ever can get closer to the authentic Marie’s experience. “People from around the world are thanking us for providing levity at a crucial time,” Green adds.

Check out the bar’s full schedule over on Time Out and don’t forget to tip your piano player via Venmo.

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