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Famed Chicago video store Facets takes on the nationwide rent-by-mail game

Facets Multimedia, a famed Chicago video store/art house/video label has launched a new subscription-based rental site, facetsmovies.com. The site looks like an earnest attempt to compete with Netflix and other subscription services. Anyone who's visited the physical store in Chicago—those who could find parking—know Facets for its deep selection and a quick test of the site suggests that the online service will have the same selection. That's a big pro. Another big pro: The store is including its VHS catalog in the service, though that requires an additional shipping fee. A few cons: There's currently no Blu-Ray offerings, and the TV selection looks a little limited (or at least searches for How I Met Your Mother and Chuck came up wanting). Both could change and the site, it does feature both Kiarostami's The Wind Will Carry Us and every Saw movie. Something for everyone.


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