Clara’s Ghost is a film that’s difficult to put in a genre box: Our own Alex McLevy called it a “cracked dramedy” after seeing it at this year’s Cinepocalypse festival, and the film’s trailer swings between comedy, drama, and full-on horror, with a little Haley Joel Osment to boot. What we do know is that writer-director Bridey Elliott cast her entire showbiz family in the film—including her dad, comedian Chris Elliott, and her mom Paula Neidert, the only non-professional actor in the Elliott household.

The exclusive clip from the film debuting above, featuring Bridey and her sister Abby Elliott, gives us a few additional hints bout what to expect from the film: Namely, dysfunctional family dynamics, made even more fraught by the perils of fame. And that’s before the ghosts show up. 


Clara’s Ghost debuts in theaters next Friday, December 7.