Faith No More broke up pretty quietly in 1998, after a solid run that included some commercial success (1989’s The Real Thing) and plenty of diehard fan love. More than a decade later, in 2009, the band reconvened—minus guitarist Jim Martin, who had split in 1993—for a bunch of big shows. A well-received world tour/victory lap commenced, with at least one new song performed. Diehard fans, even those enamored of Mike Patton’s 12 zillion side projects, held out some hope, though Patton expressed doubt about the band’s future. Even though he claimed it wasn’t a “money grab,” he also worried about the possibility of “spraying diarrhea” all over the band’s legacy, particularly by releasing new music. “It’s sort of petered out,” he said of the reunion. Earlier today, on a new official Faith No More Twitter account, Patton posted a picture of himself with the message, “Hey! Stay tuned for more Tweets from Twats!!! The reunion thing was fun, but now it’s time to get a little creative.” Fans, naturally, are hoping this all points to a new Faith No More album, which of course will be followed by eventual shrugs or disappointment. And the cycle of a rock band circa 2014 will be complete.