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Vanessa Bayer (NBC)

Tucked away at the very end of last night’s solid Julia Louis-Dreyfus-hosted Saturdy Night Live was another of the show’s meticulously produced and consistently funny movie trailer parodies. Taking aim at a faith-based film market whose existence is predicated on the idea that the most persecuted people in America are right-wing Christians, God Is A Boob Man follows the template of the God’s Not Dead series by taking a peppy Christian bakery owner (Vanessa Bayer) to court. There she defends her God-given right not to make a wedding cake for two gay patrons (depicted as especially sinister caricatures by Taran Killam and Jon Rudnitsky) in an exposé of what the exaggeratedly ominous voice-over calls “liberal elites run wild.”


Bayer’s virtuous cake-maker is up against the atheist court system, Kyle Mooney’s supercilious, yarmulke-wearing ACLU attorney, and a skeptical co-worker, but she has a major ally in her corner: “straight as they come” God. She stands firm in this belief despite a society that wants her to declare the almighty gay, one where a buff, shirtless representation of the deity presides over a classroom lesson on all the things God loves: brunch, Gaga, and drama. God Is A Boob Man is a smartly accurate take on the alternate reality occupied by God’s Not Dead, Miracles From Heaven, and Heaven Is Real, scoring satirical points with its portrayal of the films’ coded bigotry disguised as righteousness. In the end, finally defying Kenan Thompson’s rainbow-braceletted judge, Bayer brings to the courtroom to its feet with the triumphant battle cry that, of course, God digs chicks.

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