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Fairy Cara Delevingne and angsty Orlando Bloom hunt a magic killer in the new Carnival Row trailer

There’s a lot going on in this full trailer for the first season of Amazon’s upcoming fantasy series Carnival Row, or, to be more specific, there are two very clear things happening: The first, as made obvious in the first half of this trailer, is that the show’s battle between British humans and foreign fairy-folk is a pretty obvious metaphor for any level of racism you can think of. The government doesn’t want these fairy people around and the mean people on the street are more than happy to harass them, but the fairy people all seem pretty nice and they’ve clearly been through some bad shit if they’re forced to become refugees from whatever nice fairyland they’re originally from. Wait a minute… refugees? The government trying to keep certain people out just because of the color of the skin or the fact that they have wings? Hey, it’s just like our miserable real lives.

The other very clear thing is that Orlando Bloom’s morose human and Cara Delevingne’s angry fairy are definitely in love. Or at least they were in love before he became a jerk and she became a refugee, but they’re obviously going to have to work together in order to catch a supernatural killer, and if they end up kissing or whatever along the way, oh well. Also, she’s 26 and he’s 42. There’s probably some lore reason, like humans age faster than fairies or something, but this at least saves you the trouble of Googling it.

This trailer says Carnival Row’s first season will premiere on Amazon Prime on Labor Day weekend, which is not a specific day.

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