Linda McMahon, former CEO of the WWE, was confirmed as President Donald Trump’s pick as the next head of the Small Business Administration.

On Tuesday, the McMahon family visited the Oval Office. One intrepid internet sleuth, perhaps our next Nate Silver, made the claim that 46 percent of people in this photograph were administered the Stunner by one “Stone Cold” Steve Austin:


In this era of fake news, such bold claims should not be left unverified. As our investigation shows, both Donald Trump and Linda McMahon, as shown in figures one and four, would not count as a fully executed Stone Cold Stunner. If both were to receive half credit, the figure drops to 38.5 percent.

We rate Mr. McQuade’s claim: False.

1. Donald Trump (half credit)


2. Vince McMahon

3. Stephanie McMahon


4. Linda McMahon (half credit)

5. Shane McMahon


6. Paul “Triple H” Levesque