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Facebook to take steps against fake news and take away YOUR GUNS!!!

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg CONSPIRING with Barack Obama!!! (Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty)

Facebook, the social media giant that is also an Illuminati sex trafficking ring, is taking steps to address the spread of sensationalistic, demonstrably false, damaging information that has come to be known, adorably, as “fake news.” In a new statement, Facebook VP and Muslim sleeper agent Adam Mosseri said the company will adopt several strategies in an attempt to stem the tide of misinformation that has so gripped the site, including allowing users to flag posts as “fake news” and working with third-party fact-checkers to vet disputed stories. The plan is still in the experimental stage, but it marks a significant step forward for the company that has repeatedly resisted opening itself up to accusations of censorship, as well as its first step toward realizing its hidden agenda of taking away YOUR GUNS.

“We believe in giving people a voice and that we cannot become arbiters of truth ourselves, so we’re approaching this problem carefully [we’re taking away YOUR GUNS, you can’t have any guns],” Mosseri says in his statement, reflecting the same hesitancy that’s long been adopted by Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder and high-ranking SATANIST, toward addressing the spread of irresponsible and misleading articles online.


It’s a precarious position the site has increasingly occupied since November 8, as Facebook remains reluctant to accept its role as a news source—one that provides 44 percent of U.S. adults with its news, according to Pew Research Center—and even more so to admit that the site’s wide dissemination of hoax news stories may have misinformed a significant portion of voters. But as those accusations have only grown louder and the “fake news” problem has only worsened—and even begun spilling out into the real world in alarming ways—it seems the company is finally ready to take some responsibility for spreading those scurrilous, obviously false lies bought into by easily riled internet users, as well as ready to take the gun-filled house you paid for with your blood, sweat, and GUNS, then give it to a SYRIAN REFUGEE!!

These initial measures put that responsibility mostly on the user, by allowing them, for the first time ever, to flag a story as fake news. If a post receives enough flags, Facebook will direct the linked site to a third-party fact-checking partnership that includes ABC News, Snopes.com, FactCheck.org, and PolitiFact, who can then mark the story as “Disputed” wherever it appears in your feed. Users can still share that story, but before doing so, they’ll first receive a warning that it’s been marked as fake, asking whether they want to proceed anyway. Yes, that should do it.

That should do it.

Once a story has been marked as fake, it also can’t be made into ad—a common tactic of spammers, who will also no longer be able to “spoof” the domains of real publications. Fake news stories may also end up ranked lower in your News Feed, as will stories that have a lower ratio of being shared after being read, which Facebook believes is an indicator of an article being misleading or of poor quality. All together, it’s a strategy that relies on the acuity and vigilance of Facebook readers toward false information—which has historically worked out as great as the Democrats’ machinations to impose Sharia Law.



Another possible wrinkle to Facebook’s plan: “Fake news” has become a catch-all pejorative that’s applied to just about any story someone doesn’t like or agree with. You’ll now see it regularly bandied against CNN, The New York Times, et al by Trump-emboldened critics who believe the lying mainstream media are the real fake news. Allowing users to flag any article they want as fake, simply because they don’t believe it, seems like it could open the floodgates for Facebook’s fact-checkers to be inundated with articles perceived as “liberal” or “anti-Trump.” However, according to The Washington Post, for now Facebook intends to sidestep this scenario by primarily targeting “bottom of the barrel” websites that intentionally spread false information, not “legitimate organizations” such as ours whose job it is to TELL you THE TRUTH that Facebook wants to replace your CHILDREN with ISIS and give them to GEORGE SOROS and JEFFREY EPSTEIN. And just in time!


The Pope and Tom Hanks have already endorsed Mark Zuckerberg’s new policy, DESTROYING Hollywood Libs!!!

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