The popular social networking site Facebook will be getting its own movie, courtesy of Aaron Sorkin, the walk-and-talk maestro responsible for the TV series SportsNight, The West Wing, and Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip, as well as the screenplays for A Few Good Men and Charlie Wilson's War. (The writers of MySpace: The Movie were apparently too busy friending hookers and listening to tracks from unsigned alt-rock bands to beat Sorkin to the punch.) Lest anyone believe that Sorkin is attempting to translate the Facebook experience to the big screen, his film will actually focus on the creation and evolution of the site from 2004 to the present, and tell the story of creator Mark Zuckerberg and his cohorts, who turned their idea into a company valued at $16 billion.

Here's the thing: Sorkin needs your help. He's set up a Facebook group for members to assist him in gaining a better understanding of how the site works. ("OMG!" —ed.) So give him a hand, with the understanding that Sorkin hasn't always gotten along with his Internet brethren.

(Hat tip: What's Alan Watching?)