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It’s March Madness season again, you know, the time of year when people who are usually indifferent to basketball suddenly become experts on it. To celebrate, Facebook has made a little mobile basketball game that, in spite of its simplicity, will almost certainly take up the rest of your afternoon and much of your weekend.

To get started, just send the basketball emoji to a friend, then click on it. (If you don’t have the basketball emoji, you can copy and paste the appropriate one.) Once you click the basketball, you’ll get a ball and hoop on your screen. From there, you just flick your finger across the screen to put the ball in the hoop. (“The goal is to make as many consecutive shots as possible,” you can explain to your 2-year-old child, in the few remaining weeks before she starts coding her own game too complicated for you to understand.)


After you score 10 points in a row, the hoop starts moving. After 20, it starts moving faster. We’re kind of sorry for taking over your weekend with this, but on the other hand, it’s not like you were going to watch any actual basketball after those Yale jerks busted your bracket.

[Via The Next Web]