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Facebook eyes a June debut for its TV programming

(Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Facebook wants to play a bigger role in Peak TV. No longer content to be known as a place where your relatives can spread misinformation and weigh in on their favorite shows, Mark Zuckerberg’s company is gearing up to debut its first set of shows come June, Business Insider reports. The plot to dominate viewing habits is twofold, as the publication explains that Facebook wants programs in “two distinct tiers.” There would be a “marquee tier” in which the social network would essentially try its hand at prestige TV. House Of Cards and Scandal were batted around by sources as the types of series Facebook is trying to emulate. People do like to share their political opinions on the platform, so perhaps they’ll want to watch a juicy political drama, too. However, it would also produce short form content that “would refresh every 24 hours,” in an attempt to one-up Snapchat’s Discover.

Business Insider promises that “A-list celebrities” are involved in some way, though details are still sparse. One show that Facebook has already reportedly green-lit is a dating show from Conde Nast Entertainment, in which a pair would first test out their chemistry in virtual reality before meeting IRL. We first heard about what Facebook was plotting for its “video tab” back late of last year, but now it looks poised to introduce even more content that you just won’t have time to watch.


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