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Facebook can turn even your worst memories into goofy slideshows

(Image: Josh Gibson)

At this point, expecting to go on Facebook and feel good about your emotional state—whatever it may be—is a fool’s errand. If you’re angry, you’ll see people being happy and it’ll make you angrier. If you’re happy, you’ll see people whining about something and it’ll make you less happy. Throw in the fact that we’re in the middle of a highly contentious presidential election, and it’s a wonder why people go on Facebook at all. However, while those issues are all caused by having friends, it turns out that Facebook itself is actually pretty good at making you feel better about your life.

At least that’s the experience a guy named Josh Gibson recently had when Facebook took one of his most traumatic memories and automatically put an aggressively positive spin on it with a personalized slideshow. As explained in a YouTube post, Gibson nearly died in a car accident that involved another driver rear-ending him on the freeway, causing his SUV to roll over and slide across the pavement on its roof. Gibson walked away mostly fine, uploaded pictures of the accident on Facebook, and then this magic happened:

The video is ridiculous all on its own, but the fact that Facebook’s weird algorithms were able to automatically generate something so hilarious is nearly unbelievable. With the cutesy music, the cartoon sparkles, and the little zoom lines when one picture of a totaled car transitions into another picture of a totaled car, the whole thing is a masterpiece. As Gibson explains in this Reddit post, the slideshow was originally set so that only he could see it, but he thought it was “too funny not to share.”


[via Mashable]

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