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Keith David in Saints Row IV
Screenshot: Saints Row IV

As veteran filmmaker F. Gary Gray prepares for the release of Men In Black: International, he’ll begin prepping a film adaptation of the Saints Row video game series for Warner Bros., Deadline reports. Though they began as low-tier Grand Theft Auto riffs, the franchise soon found its own voice in over-the-top, hyper-sexualized sci-fi parody. Considering Gray’s outlandish recent work—he also helmed The Fate Of The Furious—we’re guessing he’ll be leaning into the game’s more sensational elements.

Saints Row follows a gang called the 3rd Street Saints that, by the series’ fourth installment, finds its leader elected the President Of The United States and fending off an alien invasion. Greg Russo is tasked with adapting the property, though this isn’t his first go at the very, very difficult job of transitioning video games to the big screen. Russo is also the writer behind the upcoming film reboots of both Mortal Kombat and Resident Evil, though details on both are scarce as of now.


Details are light here, too, but one thing is for certain: There is absolutely a role for Keith David.

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