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Explosions In The Sky, Eluvium collaboration Inventions debuts celestial new song

Guitarist Mark T. Smith of Explosions In The Sky and multi-instrumentalist Matthew Cooper, the man behind Eluvium, seem like kindred spirits. And that was before they decided to team up on the side project Inventions. Both musicians traffic in breathtaking, vocal-free compositions that get pegged as post-rock but feel orchestral in scope. Inventions’ self-titled debut album zooms in on the Venn-diagram overlap between Smith’s guitar-oriented sprawl and Cooper’s keys-and-electronics-based hum. A collage of ambient tones and burbling, fragmented whispers, one of the disc’s standout songs, “Peaceable Child”—debuted below—is as minimalist yet spacious as an interstellar expanse. Only instead of frozen and barren, it’s warm and downright inviting.

Inventions will be released April 1 via Temporary Residence Ltd.


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