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Exploring the art of the title sequence

We’re nerds for aesthetics here at The A.V. Club, like the style of one of our favorite television shows or nifty time-lapses from classic films. So of course we’re digging the below video from Off Book, a Tumblr run by the PBS Arts folks to give extra exposure to some fantastic stuff. The short feature takes a look at the art of the title sequence, talking to the designers behind some of the more memorable recent opening title sequences like the Mad Men open and the hilarious, thrilling sequence in Zombieland. Going beyond just what happens, these creatives talk about how these sequences help tell a story, how the design and style relate to their subject, and the larger themes therein. Bonus: Stick around for the whole thing (come on, it’s only six minutes) and there’s a nice little bit of homage to legendary sequence creator Saul Bass. [via Kottke]

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