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Explore the USS Enterprise one block at a time in PixelTrek

For fans, one of the chief joys of any good Star Trek game is simply wandering the decks of your favorite starship, hunting for obscure series references and involving yourself in the day-to-day minutia of life in the Federation. PixelTrek, an 8-bit inspired browser-based app, succeeds by taking away the “game” aspect and focusing on the exploration.

In a style reminiscent of the Interplay Star Trek titles of the 1990s, the player roams the USS Enterprise-D as a silent Lt. Commander Data, exploring not only Star Trek: The Next Generation’s hallmark locations—like the main bridge or Lt. Worf’s quarters—but also rooms unseen onscreen, like “uniform storage,” “alloy furnace,” or the lone ADA-compliant ramp from the observation lounge. Currently, only decks 1-4 and 8 are available to the explore, with more to come as progress on the project continues. [via The Daily Dot]


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