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Explore the history of America's Funniest Home Videos with a new podcast series

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Even though we hardly need network TV to supply us with a regular dose of kids doing stupid shit and people injuring their genitals these days, America’s Funniest Home Videos—or AFV if you’re into early ‘00s branding—still proudly carries out its sacred duties undeterred. For three decades now, the show has functioned as a sort of proto-YouTube channel (and, in recent years, a regular YouTube channel) that’s given audiences reliable access to clips of humanity at our very best.


In celebration of this tireless work, Sirus XM has partnered with the show to create America, This Is You!, a five-episode podcast that follows the history of a national institution from its 1989 beginning through to the present day.

The podcast’s promo spot describes it as “[pulling] back the curtain on AFV” via interviews with its creators, crew, and hosts Bob Saget, Tom Bergeron, and Alfonso Ribeiro. It also promises to touch on topics like whether the show maintains a “top-secret vault full of VHS tapes,” what it’s been like to keep it going with the internet as constant competition, and how the show’s video submissions are sorted into broadcasts. No mention is given as to other, equally pressing questions, like whether AFV’s producers have ever scientifically measured the effects that screening hundreds of hours of videos in which old people badly hurt themselves has on the human psyche.


Still, it sounds like an interesting project and one that should pair well with walking down the icy streets this winter, watching people wipe out, and imagining how much funnier they’d look if their accidents were accompanied with sound effects and Bob Saget jokes.

America, This Is You! is available now on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Pandora, and Overcast.

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