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Experience the fun of hallucinating tiny Thors at the 27-hour Marvel movie marathon

When the first Avengers movie came out, Marvel die-hards were thrilled to discover that the company was doing marathon screenings of all the Phase One films, leading up to the premiere of that movie where Hulk wouldn’t stop punching Thor. That first marathon, lasting 15 hours and six films, is about to look like an afternoon nap in comparison with the new marathon. Indiewire reports that Marvel is once again doing a movie marathon leading up to the release of Avengers: Age Of Ultron—and it will include every Marvel Studios film to date, meaning 11 films lasting approximately 27 hours.

Thus far, it’s only happening in a very limited number of cities. AMC theaters lists marathons occurring in New York, Kansas City, Anaheim, and Orlando, while Regal Cinemas lists Ontario, Atlanta, King Of Prussia, and Houston. No word on whether these cities were chosen because of their population of devoted Marvel aficionados, or whether these theater owners simply lost a bet. But given anticipation for the movie, it seems likely that the number of cities will greatly expand in the coming days. However, if you’re intimidated by the thought of more than 24 hours of sustenance via chewy pretzels and nacho cheese, or are a sane human being, there’s the “cop-out” option: a double feature screening of the two Avengers films. But ask yourself: what would Tony Stark do? (Answer: he wouldn’t be caught dead attending a marathon screening of superhero movies.)


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