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Jeremy Renner has tried to give the people what he apparently thinks they want. He gave them some original tunes about what heaven may or may not be called, and that didn’t really hit. He also tried to give the masses an app nobody really asked for, and it shuttered a few weeks ago, unsurprisingly. But if you missed out on the crazy train of the Jeremy Renner app experience, amazingly, there is still some good news in store for you. Val Bodurtha has created a new way to experience Renner’s dead app, and it comes complete with a choose-your-own adventure aspect and cartoons (by Dan Ackerman). Honestly, maybe this is what the Jeremy Renner app should have been all along.


According to The Daily Dot, the brand new Jeremy Renner App Experience will deliver on its namesake. You get to jump into the mind of Renner on the day his app was sentenced to death and pick which routes you (as Renner) would choose when faced with different scenarios. This particular day involves a number of hard-boiled eggs and tweets at Chris Evans. While you can use your phone for this, it’s not an app but a site, so it’s pretty accessible.

If you truly want to save the app, you end up creating a “modern-era gladiator arena” where Renner reigns as king. Regardless of how you “play” the experience, you’ll explore just what it means to be Jeremy Renner and and try to fight the trolls coming for your good name. It’s an interesting way to put yourself in Renner’s shoes, although it doesn’t give you the option to shut down your Amazon store. But we do have to applaud the genius idea of “Rennsdays.

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