It’s a well-known fact that the only thing stopping modern civilization from descending into a system devoted solely to the creation, delivery, and consumption of videos of cats doing the darndest things is that even the best videos have to end. Sadly, that respite from complete societal collapse is no longer available, because lo, the final trump has sounded, the Four Horsemen have been unleashed, and a service streaming 24/7 cat videos has been unveiled.

This harbinger of doom—aptly titled “Cats 24/7”—is one of the 90 or so offerings from, a new online service that aggregates YouTube videos into themed “shows,” and then schedules them into channels with an interface aping the channel guide function provided by most cable companies. Besides Cats 24/7 (now showing: “Scaredy Cats,” where you can “watch as cats lose their cool when they receive an unexpected surprise”) and its presumably hated rival, Dogs 24/7, you can also watch offerings like the subtly numbered Channel 420 (upcoming shows: “Easy Reggae,” “Surreal Animations,” and “Smoked”), and Channel 114, which is literally a twenty-four hour loop of the music video for “Happy” by Pharrell Williams. Perhaps the upbeat lyrics and catchy beat will offer cold comfort to our dying species as, tethered eternally to our computers, we become too weak to fight off our feline masters when the time comes for them to rise up and destroy us.