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Experience genuine human emotion watching Cubs fans go nuts

Photo: YouTube

Last night, hell froze over; Bill Murray achieved his final, most powerful form; many millions of tiny explosives were set off in and around Chicago; and, somewhere in there, a baseball game was played. For a moment there it seemed like all of America was rooting for the Cubs (excluding Ohio), and now all of America has something to feel happy about (excluding Ohio).

But don’t worry about that (unless you’re from Ohio): Cubs won! By now, the various numbers and measuring sticks by which we marvel over how long it has been since the Cubs won a World Series have turned into clichés. Yes, 108 years is a very long time, and many things have happened in that span. Still, you can’t help but be move by seeing that lifetime of anticipation fulfilled in these videos Deadspin collected of old people going nuts over the Cubs victory. Here comes your grandpa for a big hug:

my grandpa has been waiting 81 years for this😭 #GoCubbies pic.twitter.com/K5GIl4TpZr

— clare (@_claremoser) November 3, 2016

To mark the occasion, this guy even drank a 32-year-old Coors Original, which probably tasted about like a normal Coors Original:


This video has the benefit of having not one but two old guys. In a classic old-guy move, one yells, “What is going on here?!”

This old guy needs to take a moment for himself. His family declined:

Hell, this guy’s just on the phone. And that’s fine; he’s having a great time:


Shout out to this guy for being the most spry old-guy Cubs fan in the game:

And here’s one last old person drinking, for the road:

The cup just isn’t enough for my Grandma when the @Cubs win the World Series. pic.twitter.com/VqTFA5jBIH

— ellen francis (@ellenefrancis) November 3, 2016

On the local front, Wrigleyville is an absolute cesspool every other day of the year, but it’s hard not to feel something watching the videos from last night.


Good thing all those old people were safely at home, sitting in chairs, as is their wont.


Congratulations to Cubs fans everywhere—particularly if you are old and also drinking.


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