There was a time when videogamers marveled over the improvements in graphics and gameplay from the original Nintendo Entertainment System to the Super Nintendo. And then to the N64. And so on and so on. Next thing you know, it’s been 40 years since Atari released Pong in 1972. Thus, digital creative agency Reverse Enginears whipped up this (abridged) brief history of the evolution of videogames for upcoming gaming site Polygon, from Pong up to the fancy Skyrims and Modern Warfares all the kids play late into the night with the music and noise so loud you’d think they’d wake the dead. According to the video’s description, the soundtrack to the video was “Made using only sounds, music and video from the videogames themselves.” So if picking out every game visually represented here isn’t nerdy enough for you, then go ahead and pick out the sounds as well. [via BoingBoing]