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Independence Day—the story of Jasmine, an exotic dancer and single mother whose powerful independence inspires the world, angering some aliens—is set to expound upon that tale with Independence Day 2, with Vivica A. Fox now signed on to reprise her central role.

Director Roland Emmerich and Fox herself announced the news on Twitter, with Fox sharing a photo collage that will remind fans of all her greatest Independence Day moments, such as that scene where she ran while her hair was in her face, when she smiled while her hair was in her face, when she smiled without hair in her face, and when she leaned over in a bra and with her hair in her face. “#NextLevel,” Fox wrote, implying that her character would soon see her hair in all new levels of her face.


She also added the hashtag “#LegitimateCareer,” by way of declaring that she’s enjoyed a legitimate acting career—starring in the blockbuster Independence Day, and also starring in another Independence Day.

As previously reported, Independence Day 2 will see Jesse Usher playing the grown-up son of Will Smith’s character, who is not returning for the sequel—presumably having been driven off by Fox’s character’s independence. Jeff Goldblum, Liam Hemsworth, and Charlotte Gainsbourg will also be on hand to cheer Fox on while she displays her strong, no-nonsense individuality, upsetting another galaxy full of aliens who think she should be less fierce. Not today, aliens. Today we celebrate Vivica A. Fox’s Independence Day.

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