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Existential doubter Lake Bell recruits Ed Helms for What’s The Point?

The Hangover

Lake Bell’s follow-up to her directorial debut, In A World… is moving into production, as The Hollywood Reporter brings word that Ed Helms is attached to star in Bell’s What’s The Point? Bell is once again set to direct and star in the film, which is also based on her own script. The film will play with the notion that marriage should be of a lifetime commitment and more like a professional sports contract, with both parties being able to choose whether or not to renew at the end of a term.

If the premise of What’s The Point? sounds familiar, it’s probably because The Seven Year Itch played with the question of the long-term feasibility of marriage decades ago, albeit much less progressively. The idea of updating marriages based on fixed-terms has even been publicly promoted by Florida lawyer Paul Rampell (we’re guessing if anybody knows about the hidden shelf-life of marriages, it’s Palm Beach-area attorneys).


There’s no confirmation as to whom Bell and Helms will portray specifically, but they’re both talented comedic leads who would make a good on-screen couple, so let’s go with that. In any case, What’s The Point? begins production next month in Los Angeles.

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