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Few TV shows have luxuriated in the pure pleasures of process more thoroughly than Nat Geo’s Going Deep, the series in which professional pencil sharpener/cartoonist/all-around-interested-in-things person David Rees wandered the world, spending god knows how much money to answer seemingly simple questions like “How do you make toast?” or “What’s the best way to flip a coin?” in the most ridiculously convoluted ways. Simultaneously absurdist and rigorously well-informed, the series was a two-season delight back in 2014 and 2015, with Rees invoking the aid of any experts or scientists he could convince to talk to him in order to peel back layer after layer of complexities from everyday tasks.


Now—living, presumably, like the rest of us, in an era where control over anything is starting to feel like more and more of a grand cosmic joke—Rees has decided to bring the show back to the masses. The Get Your War On creator posted to Twitter today, noting his intent to upload an episode of Going Deep to Vimeo every couple of days for the next few weeks. The first—“How To Make An Ice Cube,” which features everything from 400,000 year-old ice cores to a public shaming from a Buddhist monk—is available right now. And really: How nice is it to have something to look forward to? We’re already excited to while away our shut-in weeks, watching past-Rees enthusiastically walk us through the process of making the world a slightly more interesting place, one deep dive at a time.

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