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Exclusive: Watch this gorgeous new Balmorhea video

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Austin instrumental band Balmorhea recently released its fifth album, the fantastic Stranger. If you're a fan of anything from Sigur Ros to Tortoise to The Rachel's, it's well worth a listen. To make that even easier, we've got this exclusive epic video for "Days," the first track on Stranger. The short film was made by photographer Jack Coleman, and it features surfer Jason Salisbury. Below, some thoughts from Balmorhea's Rob Lowe and Coleman. Below that, the video.

Lowe: "We knew that we wanted to do a non-traditional music video for 'Days' and the more Mike [Muller] and I thought about it, surf seemed to represent the feel of the song perfectly.  We started to look around online to find someone who could capture the right feel and got in contact with Jack.  It happened that he was about to depart for a big surf trip abroad and agreed to make the video."

Coleman: "I wanted to express the feeling of space and time, that feeling of traveling abroad and hunting for waves. Surf adventure with a documentary style approach. How the world is always moving and the people in it are as well.
Jason Salisbury was the perfect surfer for this project, he is an Austrailian surfer that is fairly underground. A pure surfer. It was shot over a four-month period from July-October 2012. It was shot with super-8 film because the look of film evokes more emotions than digital, in my opiniion.  The song sends you on this trip and I felt the footage needed to do that as well."


DAYS from Balmorhea on Vimeo.

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