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Exclusive stream: Jennifer O'Connor steps out on her own on the fine I Want What You Want

We really like I Want What You Want, the new album by Jennifer O’Connor released this week on the singer-songwriter’s own label, Kiam. And we appreciate O’Connor scrappy, insightful songs even more considering how close I Want What You Want came to not existing. O’Connor, whose previous two albums—2006’s Over The Mountain, Across The Valley, And Back To The Stars and 2008’s Here With Me—were released on Matador, left the label two years ago. At the time she was burned out from her music career, and spent time working as a bartender, freelance writer, and a personal assistant, among other odd jobs. Luckily, she kept writing songs, and last year she entered the studio to record what became I Want What You Want. The record is out digitally now; a limited-edition CD is available for order online, and a vinyl edition will be out by late winter/early spring to coincide with O’Connor’s national tour. You can look for our review of I Want What You Want later this month, but in the meantime enjoy the exclusive stream below.


Jennifer O'Connor - I Want What You Want by Jennifer O'Connor

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