Back in the early ā€˜00s, Southeast Engine was one of the biggest bands in the little town of Athens, Ohio. Around that same time, the groupā€™s Adam Torres was working on a solo project, Nostra Nova. Released in 2006 to precious little fanfare, Nostra Nova was a folk record tinged with Appalachian roots, something that was probably at least a little influenced by Athensā€™ foothills location. With some of his Southeast Engine bandmates helping out on rhythm, Torres constructed a reflective DIY record that, even nine years later, stands the test of time. And since it was chronically underappreciated then and has become a cult classic since, itā€™s getting a reissue now. Nostra Nova hits stores April 21 on Misra, but A.V. Club readers can stream the whole thing below. Tracks like ā€œBreakneck Janeā€™s Fifteen Minute Escapeā€ were instant classics for listeners then, and will hopefully enchant at least a few listeners now.